Gra edukacyjna

Game-based learning

Training designed by iPro is based on solutions derived from the world of games, the so-called serious games - interactive electronic training games which allow users to acquire, develop and consolidate specific skills and teach problem-solving. An important feature of our training is learning by doing. A user makes decisions, makes mistakes, acquires new skills and acts like in the real world. To strengthen the impact of e-training, we use 3D graphics and animation. This allows participants to be invited to the e-learning virtual world with his own avatar and training profile, allowing for tracking of his progress in new knowledge and skills acquisition.

Transferring mechanisms of role-playing games and computer training onto specific work situations, enriching the training with 2D and 3D animation as well as with elements of simulation, and by creating an interesting story increases a participant’s engagement. All of this serves one purpose: to provide positive experiences and emotions in the educational process.