iPro represents modern and fresh approach to e-learning.

We create fully gamified and non-linear e-training. We avoid typical and easy formal solutions. Learning interaction is built into course scenarios taking place in picturesque settings animated by our talented young digital artists. iPro’s e-learning courses help to develop an organization’s potential and are proof that learning doesn’t have to be boring.

The educational process created by our company provides lots of positive emotions and a multisensory experience.

Our team is a group of young, talented and ambitious artists and specialists – graphic designers, programmers, animators, screen writers and testers for whom training creation is not only about work but also a passion. Each project is created with incredible precision in order to move course participants into the magical world of virtual reality.

E-learning design

E-learning environment

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MOTION graphics

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3D animations

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PHOTO and VIDEO support

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HTML 5 animations

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REAL TIME 3D environment


A sample of our capabilities.


Games for Business

Educational platform Games for Business provides experience-based teaching, which cannot be attained in traditional e-learning systems, which fail to smoothly integrate information with a transparent, regulated and motivating world of gaming/games.

The platform transfers the information and teaches behavior through the use of multi-layered incentive mechanisms that support an attitude of self-awareness.

The aim of Games for Business is to create a motivating corporate education system where learning is not a task but a continuous need, because teaching based on tests with immediate feedback is significantly more effective than traditional teaching.

English online

Pearson Online English

Pearson Online English is a unique solution for learning English that fully adapts to the needs and time constraints of learners.

Pearson Online English is an online platform for learning English. It guarantees constant contact with authentic English language content based on current events in the world. Pearson Online English can be used on your computer, mobile phone or other mobile devices. This way you can have the opportunity to learn English anytime and anywhere. Personalization options allow you to tailor the course to the level of the learner, his/her learning objectives and interests.


Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone is a leader in cloud applications for talent management. Their solutions help organizations in the acquisition, training and management of employees, building their mutual relations, as well as creating new opportunities for their staff and increasing employee productivity.

Thanks to Cornerstone, organizations can attract , recruit and develop the most talented employees. The system facilitates and monitors employee engagement at every stage of their career, helps to increase operational efficiency and enables training of future leaders.

By combining key functional areas of recruitment, hiring, development, performance, remuneration, succession and co-workers collaboration into one easy to use system, customers can entirely eliminate the need for separate solutions or older HR technology.


Marta Machalska
President of the Management Board iPro CEO, E-learning trendsetter

A graduate of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw and the Higher School of Finance and Management, E-learning consultant with over 15 years of experience working in key e-learning companies. The creator of prestigious conferences: E-learning Day, E-learning Fusion, HR with an accent and B-Business and co-founder of EduBiznes Forum. Long-term consultant in training and human resource companies, project manager, author and coordinator of large development projects for employees of many banks and institutions. Reviewer of professional qualifications standards: methodology expert for on-line and distance education, on-line examiner, instructional designer for multimedia applications. Certified trainer, lecturer at institutions and enterprises in the field of teaching methodology and project creation and management, presentation and self-presentation, utilizing the so-called "serious games" and gaming solutions in e-learning.

Robert Wróblewski
Vice President of the Board iPro

A graduate of the Military Technical Academy. Co-founder of the Company, designer and head of a large production team, who from the beginning of the company has run dozens of educational projects based on multimedia solutions and the Internet. As an employee of the Department of Cybernetics at the Military Academy of Technology, he created database applications for the Polish Army and Ministry of Defence. In the early nineties he tied his career to ORACLE technology. Together with his team at INCHROSoft, he created and implemented several systems based on ORACLE databases and tools , among others: The "Golden Autumn" for OFE PZU-CL Transfer Agent, a system for archiving of electronic documents and digitization of agreements with hand written text recognition for OFE Skarbiec Emerytura.

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